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The Gum Blasters Chewing Gum and Graffiti Removal Method

“Steam cleaning is instantly recognized as the most efficient and environmentally friendly means of removing gum and other bacteria-laden messes.”

Gum Removal
We utilize the most technologically advanced, state of the art equipment to remove chewing gum with the power of STEAM. Our low pressure steam and solution zeroes in on the gum blob, ensuring the safest and most effective method of gum removal. It takes about five seconds to remove one piece of gum; our specialized cleaning technique minimizes pedestrian disruption and can remove gum from streets, pavements, paths, roads, walkways, entrance matting and carpets, leaving them completely free of unsightly dried gum. - Any pedestrian area is ground zero for Gum Blasters.

Our solution is also an effective means of cleaning and sanitizing the following of unsightly grafitti: Painted metals – such as parking meters, mailboxes, traffic control boxes, hydro poles, light poles, sidewalks, park benches, garbage bins and dumpsters, statues, generator boxes, signs and the backs of signs, escalators, stone works, building facades, windows, bus stops.

Varnished wood – such as junction boxes, city benches – As graffiti, bird droppings, tree sap, and grease are cleaned from the bench, the area is automatically disinfected too. Plastics – such as playground equipment Carpets, Furniture, and Upholstery – Steam is proven to get even the stubbornest stains out.

How are we different?

Our system is different than other gum-removal systems. Typically, other cleaning companies will use high-pressure power washers or dry ice spraying (very specialized and costly technology) to remove gum – which is cost-prohibitive and not environmentally friendly. The problem with traditional high pressure power washing is that it uses around 8 liters of water per minute, which can quickly flood an area and cause extensive damage by dislodging the grout and sand in paving joints. Power washing is also very abrasive and tends to erode and destroy surfaces. Do you have expensive interlocking brick? Are you willing to risk that investment with a power wash?

The use of a dry ice spraying machine is no better. The spray is meant to freeze the gum so that it can be chiseled away manually. This method also has its drawbacks apart from the high cost). If you use dry ice (CO2) on a soft surface, that surface may rip apart, and it doesn’t always remove the gum. Also customers tend to be frightened off by CO2 technicians in full safety gear (protective suits, face shields, goggles, gloves, and boots)

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