The Problem of Gum Pollution

Disgusting gum pollution is EVERYWHERE! Those unsightly black spots you notice along the pavement are pieces of chewing gum that, most likely, have been stuck there for years. Gum on city streets and walkways is a form of pollution to be dealt with, just like trash.

Chewing gum is simply a manufactured confectionary product made from a synthetic, non-degradable rubber base to which flavours and sweeteners are added. According to a recent survey, just under half the Canadian population chews gum, and that market, currently valued at $329 million is constantly growing. Where does all this chewed-up gum end up? When carelessly discarded, chewing gum becomes trodden into our streets and pavements, where it becomes extremely difficult (using traditional methods) to remove. It makes paved areas look grimy and dirty, and it generally devalues an area. Chewing gum is highly resistant to aggressive chemicals and will never degrade naturally.

Take pride in your facility; Keep your entrances and litterbins looking like new with our help. Customers do notice if your facility is not clean. A clean facility will keep your customers returning.

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