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Gum Blasters of Toronto is a new cleaning company specializing in both chewing gum and graffiti removal. Our gum removal teams work closely with facilities managers, local authorities, businesses and property owners to minimize disruption and maintain the standards of cleanliness expected by your customers and visitors. Through our beautification services, customer confidence in the cleanliness and integrity of your establishment is greatly enhanced.

In recent years, timely and effective chewing gum removal has become a highly requested service. Professional cleaning companies get orders every day for sidewalk and concrete cleaning, and the customers all share the same complaint ... the reality of ugly, disgusting, long-discarded chewing gum ruins the aesthetics and nice appearance of any hard surface! Chewing gum can leave some of the stickiest, most unwanted stains imaginable. And nothing turns away a customer faster than a minefield of nasty gum blotches in plain sight. Until now, merchants, property managers of condominiums and plazas, cities, and BIA’s just had to tolerate the unsightly mess of fossilized chewing gum. But now, thanks to Gum Blasters' specialized chewing gum removal service, cleaning up the sticky ground is an affordable, quick, easy, reality.

Whose responsibility is it to clear away gum?

Your local council and/or property manager are usually responsible to clear chewing gum (and litter) from public places or the store frontages for which they are responsible. However, once gum becomes flattened, blackened and fossilized, the property manager and councils are no longer responsible to remove it as litter. As a result, the gum just sits there and accumulates. What an eyesore!

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